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Petrosoft offers a platform as well as software, hardware, and services. The company’s integration options, technology, and services are designed to maximize the use of technological advances, leverage legacy systems, leverage industry partnerships, address the changes in consumer demand, and enable seamless connections within today’s retail ecosystem.

Our technology delivers a measurable return (ROI) to retailers: it is focused on where sales and profits are realized, within day-to-day operations. Discover the integration options, POS, foodservice, back office, fuel management, and partnership solutions from Petrosoft.

Petrosoft helps to streamline store operations with its SmartPOS solution and integration with POS and forecourt controller partners such as Verifone, NCR, Wayne, Bulloch, and Gilbarco. The solution also integrates with back office and foodservice ordering kiosk systems.

$ 239.00
The best back office software on the market C-Store Office® is a cloud-based back office solution designed to increase operational efficiencies and...
$ 159.00
Processing paper invoices is labor-intensive, but with Petrosoft's invoice processing services, retailers can eliminate paper invoice processing en...
$ 1,199.00
The QwickServe® Self-Service Ordering Kiosk is a software and hardware bundle that enables customers to view, select, customize and pay for menu it...


Petrosoft relies on technology and business partners to create and connect to the retail ecosystem. From the forecourt to back-office and manufacturers, Petrosoft uses its platform to integrate and optimize industry processes.


Retailers share the benefits of Petrosoft’s back-office solution, CStoreOffice, and its end-to-end retail automation solutions including POS, MTO self-service kiosk, fuel management and invoice processing solutions.

After all, business can get complex. Secure end-to-end retail solutions from Petrosoft can simplify retail operations.

“For me, the cloud computing model was the most important factor in choosing CStoreOffice. It works amazingly well from anywhere in the world! I own several businesses that are quite remote from each other and I love having total access to my convenience store business data whenever I want it, no matter where I am.”

K. B. Roowalla, MetroGas, Los Angeles, CA

“For us, one key factor in deciding to go with CStoreOffice was the fact that it is web-based and reasonably priced. That meant a simple, easy set-up and a smaller impact on our working capital as we were launching the business. Our time management is to be much more efficient using CStoreOffice® to run the business and we really like the one-on-one relationships we have with the tech support people.”

Tom Cook, Jump Start Markets, Ozark, MO

“What I like best about CStoreOffice is that Petrosoft keeps updating it based on their knowledge of the market. They own their own stores and use that retail experience to keep adding fresh new applications and reports to the site to help keep our business up to date. They also integrate directly to QuickBooks, which really helps us streamline our accounting.”

Sajir Haribal, The Market, El Paso, TX