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As the volume of sales increases so do the risks. Prevention, early detection, resolution, and correction are, therefore, vital to reducing these risks. Petrosoft's Loss Prevention Analytics® solution provides the knowledge needed and verifiable proof.
With Loss Prevention Analytics®, retailers gain access to accurate and timely information that has been historically difficult or impossible to obtain. It provides this information by first automatically combining different sources of information, such as POS transactional and video data. It then analyzes the combined information, sets rules, and produces documentation and reports for prevention, early detection, investigation, and prosecution.

Please note that Loss Prevention Analytics® work only for locations which operated by Petrosoft's back-office software: C-Store Office subscription or Retail360You also required to purchase additional equipment from the list below and Buffalo NAS TS 3210 (sold separately through Amazon).

    PLEASE NOTE: 4x Dome Cameras are required for Loss Prevention Analytics®. They will be automatically added to your basket.

    Loss Prevention Analytics® IP Weather/Vandal-Proof Dome Camera
    $ 249.00 x4 (one time payment)

    PLEASE NOTE: Site Integration Network Terminal is required to guarantee secure, real-time access to store data and bidirectional data exchanges to keep information up-to-date. A DC-401 will be automatically added to your basket.

    DC401 Direct Connect Box
    $ 399.00 (one time payment)

    PLEASE NOTE: Power over Ethernet Switch is required to ensure connectivity of devices needed for Loss Prevention Analytics®. A PoE Switch will be automatically added to your basket.

    Loss Prevention Analytics® IP Camera PoE Switch
    $ 99.00 (one time payment)

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing Loss Prevention Analytics® for a location without Petrosoft's back-office software don't forget to select additional license from the list below.

    C-Store Office® Subscription
    $ 249.00 (Billing period: Monthly)
    Retail360 Subscription
    $ 199.00 (Billing period: Monthly)
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    DC Box Model 401 provides a reliable, fast, and secure way to automatically connect, store, backup, and transfer video, foodservice, POS, and other data to back-office and analytics systems.
    This 3MP weather/vandal-proof network dome camera is compatible with Petrosoft's DC-401 site integration network and Loss Prevention Analytics® solutions.
    The design of this 9-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch includes fanless technology with natural cooling as well as a quiet and compact design which is well suited for a desktop or wall. Vi...


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