Full Service Invoice Data Processing

Full Service Invoice Data Processing

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Processing paper invoices is labor-intensive but with Petrosoft's invoice processing services, retailers can eliminate paper invoice processing entirely. 

  • Reduce Paperwork By 75%
  • Increase Item-Level Accuracy
  • Reduce Labor Costs

How it Works.

  • With data entry services, paper invoices are scanned and/or uploaded by C-Store Office customers using the Docs Scanner feature.
  • Once uploaded, the invoice line-item data is typed in by a Petrosoft data entry specialist and posted to the customer's digital pending invoices folder.
  • The retailer can then review and approve the pending invoices.
  • After approval and with integration with C-Store Office, Retail 360 or another back-office solution, inventory and accounting records can automatically be updated with the approved invoice data.

Price is per location per month.

This is a C-Store Office® and Retail360 add-on service.


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